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We were nominated by the Whistler Chamber of Commerce as one of the top three most sustainable businesses in Whistler this year! We were invited to join our peers to celebrate at the Whistler Excellence Awards. This was exciting news because this is like of the Oscars for Whistler! So I slipped into my blue heels and went to the gala with my favourite guy. They had come into the Sprout to film a short clip about us a few weeks earlier and played this clip to the 500+ attendees which received an encouraging applause.

Such an honour to be in the same room as all these fantastic businesses from small to Vail!

Compassion is our passion.

Our commitment is to better our health, community and our environment through

thoughtful practices and education.

~Our green initiative~


We work closely with local farmers and producers who use responsible, sustainable and GMO free practices.

We sell local artisan products and showcase local artist works.

We regularly donate to local events, charities and schools.


We have in place a 5 stage recycling program which brings us down to just 10% waste!


We have partnered with Dooshi, a local company, which produces healthy pet food from our organic pulp waste.


All of our disposables are biodegradable and compostable. Yep, all of them, even the straws.

Our juices are always made fresh to order thereby reducing food wastage and

eliminating plastic bottling, labeling and delivery footprints.

Large juice orders are prepared in glass jars and have a deposit fee.

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