naked sprout

juice bar café

The story started out simply.

It was going to be a small juice and smoothie bar. 

It soon developed into a fast paced, lifestyle café. 

We offer house made soups, salad bowls, panini, ramen bowls and locally sourced, seasonal specials.

All are made in house from scratch and with fresh, organic, ingredients.

Our goal has been to build a sustainable business around lifestyle trends that reflect 

Whistler as a community and as an international destination.

 Naked Sprout Juice Bar Café 

opened 2013

I came to Whistler as a young woman with a dream. A dream of someday owning my own sustainable, organic juice bar here. Alas, Whistler nor myself were ready for such an ambitious and progressive venture. So I lived, I learned, I travelled, I taught yoga and fell in love with the planet. I returned with vigor and confidence of a young entrepreneur. November 2013 Nake​d Sprout was born. I opened our doors with a bang offering the first full service 100% organic juice bar in Whistler. We kept adding items such as house made soups, salad bowls, panini, ramen bowls and seasonal offerings until we had a full menu. We are proud to offer a 95% plant based menu. We have something for everyone while being sustainably responsible and health driven. My dream is realized... and growing.

Our First Customers

Kristi Richards and her husband were our very first guests! She has been suppling us with her raw desserts ever since. After retiring from the World Cup Team in 2012, she attained her status as a CNP at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver. There she learned the science behind food on a molecular level, and how it relates to the body. This translates directly into her recipe designs and creations seen​ within the spectrum of her company, Solfeggio Whole Foods Ltd. She aims to create food that heals, and food that fuels for optimal human performance.

Local Talent 

We are so happy to be working with so many locally based, talented humans.


Michelle Kaminsky, as local as it gets, has created her own line of natural, organic body products. Healing Hands products are in store or coming soon to our on line store.

Yoga teacher and guru Kristin Campbell, is making some of the best Water Kefir I have ever tasted and am proud to offer it.

Jeff Anderson started a pet treat company called Dooshi, sushi for pets! They collect our organic pulp and make treats for your pets. We sell these as well!