naked sprout

juice bar café


Tuna & Avocado or our Buddha Lover, the vegan hit! 

Ramen Bowl

Vegan broth loaded up with your choice of Egg, Avocado or Smoked Tofu. Veg / Vegan

Grilled Panini's

We use Silverhills organic, sprouted grain bread &

lactose free Swiss cheese. Vegan cheese avail. 

Miso Quinoa Bowl

Locals favourite Salad!

Vegan and Gluten light.

Plant Based Smoothies

Seasonal fruit,

with almond milk.

Superfoods and Vega protein avail.

Fresh Pressed Juices

Seasonal fruit and vegetables.

Superfoods avail.

Vegan. Raw. Organic.

Elixir Shots

Flu Shot.

Turmeric Shot. ACV Shot. 

Raw Desserts

Locally made by Solfeggio. Vegan, GF & SF and Organic.